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08:30 am 

Pitchers and Catchers Report
09:00 am All Pitchers will Throw a Bullpen
10:30 am Positional Players Report
10:30 am Baseball - 60 Yard Dash / Softball - Home to 1B
11:00 am Catcher Defensive Evaluations
11:30 am All Pitchers Receive 1 on 1 Instructional Evaluation From College Coach
12:00 pm Official Introduction and College Coach Introduction
12:30 pm Question and Answer with 2 College Coaches in the Stands
12:30 pm Batting Practice
2:45 pm Positional Players Defensive Evaluations
5:00 pm Official Conclusion Discussion
5:15 pm All Positional Players Receive 1 on 1 Instructional Evaluation From a College Coach
6:00 pm

End of Camp 

* Immediately following each activity (Pitching, Hitting, Running, and Defense), each player will receive a developmental discussion from a college coach.  This discussion is in addition to the instructional evaluation each player will receive at the end of the camp.

* The bullpen will consist of 15 pitches.  Batting practice will consist of 8 swings.  Defensive evaluations will consist of 5 ground balls or pop-flies.  All positional players will run the 60 yard dash twice.  

Will all the college coaches promoted actually attend?

We have conducted 103 camps in a row that have had MORE college coaches in attendance than we promoted.   


Will Straight Pitchers Hit or Run?

No.  Straight pitchers will not take batting practice nor run. A player must be registered as a positional player to take part in the batting practice/defense/running portion of the camp.

Are players recruited by college coaches at this camp?

It is against NCAA rules for any coach to recruit a player AT this camp.  However, a coach is more than welcome to approach a player or contact a player for recruitment AFTER the camp.  The choice is up to the college coach.  We guarantee that the player will get a chance to workout infront of ALL college coaches in attendance and that player will leave with a 1 on 1 instructional evaluation. 


At the end of the bullpen session and positional player session, all players will have a five minute sit down with a college coach to discuss their individual performance of the day. A hand written evaluation will also be given to each player.

Who can attend?

Any high school aged player or older.  We also welcome college aged players to attend.

What a player needs to bring?

All players need to be dressed in proper baseball attire and bring all items that would be needed for a regular baseball game. No gloves, bats, cleats, or uniforms will be provided.

Will players be provided lunch?

Lunch is not provided to players. We highly encourage players to bring a sack lunch or snacks to help players stay energized throughout the day.

Will water be provided?

Yes. We will provide water to all participants. We highly encourage players to come hydrated and continue to hydrate while in attendance.

Will an actual game be played?

No. We will be going through a pro-style workout. There will not be an actual game at this workout. Please review the itinerary to better understand what a pro-style workout consists of.