Thank you for allowing myself and my program (Cisco College) as well as the Texas Ranger Organization (scout) to attend your showcases. We thought they were run professionally and extremely efficient for the number of kids at each showcase. Thanks again Logan. — David White, Head Coach, Cisco Junior College

"Coach Harrington has done a tremendous job organizing and growing his showcases over the past year.  I have been impressed with the number of college coaches combined with the number of talented athletes that have attended each camp.  This showcase is a great way for high school baseball players to learn what it takes to become a college athlete.  I recommened this showcase to any high school player that is serious about playing at the next level." --
Tyler Gillum, Recruiting Coordinator, South Mountain Junior College

The Complete Showcase is organized, ran well and the thing that stands out is the talented players that attend. -- Justin Cunningham, Head Coach, Central Christian College

During the evaluations at the showcase, we as coaches explain to the player what they need to improve on if they want to make it to the next level.  The player gets to take home an evaluation sheet and also the converstation he had with the college coach.  The player leaves knowing exactly what he needs to do if he wants to play college baseball. --
Travis Graves, Assistant Coach, Eastfield Junior College

The evaluations are what seperate The Complete Showcase from other camps around.  We speak to every player that attends and create a direct understanding of what is needed to play college baseball.  Naturally, college coaches are teachers first and I love the interaction with the players.  -- Dirk Saltzgaber, Assistant Coach, McMurry University

I went to a small high school and it was very hard for me to promote myself to college coaches.  We would drive all across the state to individual college camps to be seen.  What players get at The Complete Showcase is all that rolled into one camp.  -- Chris Flanagan, Assistant Coach, Weatherford Junior College  

The showcases that Coach Harrington put on are well organized, well staffed and always have college coaches on hand. It is a great benefit to my program to have such a resource for my players. I will always advise my players to participate in his showcases when possible.

—Skip Allen, Allen Baseball Club, Katy, Texas

I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into the showcase camps you’ve made available to our Houston Warrior ballplayers, and athletes from all over the state. The positive result that you have demonstrated, speak for itself – unlike many other so-called “showcase” camps.

As we’ve discussed before, there are many athletes who don’t know where to start. The evaluations you have held with coaches from all different collegiate levels are a valuable tool in getting a grasp on areas that players need improving on.  

The Warriors Family looks forward to continuing to tap into the resources you provide.

— Andy Baize, Director of Instruction, Houston Warriors Baseball Academy

As a player or parent of a player the choice of what baseball camp to attend is an important one. The Complete Showcase will provide you a rewarding experience and a good value for your financial investment. Go to one of The Complete Showcase events and get the evaluation needed to reach the next level. Good luck and work hard.
-- Steve Winnon, Recruiting Coordinator, Houston Saints Baseball  


I have to give Logan Harrington and The Complete Showcase most of the credit for my son being so heavily recruited. We had NO idea where to begin at the end of his junior year.  We knew there was a process, but we didn't know what it was. He got an email from Coach Harrington inviting him to a Sunday showcase. It was very inexpensive so he went.  He left with a huge self confidence boost.  We signed up for a few more showcases around Texas , and he started making contact with the college world.  Instead of playing on a summer team, he attended a couple of showcases a month.  We attended another one of Logan 's camps in July. This time there were about 10 schools there. He walked away feeling good, as about half the coaches talked to him personally. He attended about 10 showcases, and Logan 's format definitely hit the mark. It is organized, efficient, and the young men get tons of exposure, from pitching and throwing on the gun, hitting, and a written evaluation, to the one-on-one conference with a college coach.  I HIGHLY recommend The Complete Showcase. I personally think the young men get more exposure and personal attention than they'll ever get playing on a summer team, being one of a thousand kids hoping to be talked to by a coach at a tournament. The coaches here are very realistic about their ability and are willing to help the player, even if they aren't going to attend their college.  The prices are very economical for the amount of instruction and attention you get.


Sue Mundkowsky

In our quest to be seen, my son and I have spent a lot of money attending showcases around the country, sometimes only being seen by a couple schools at a time. Many times we left these showcases with little or no feedback. It was frustrating and it was a grind!

Coach Harrington’s “The Complete Showcase”, on the other hand, have always had multiple schools representing different divisions of play including D1 – D3 Universities, Junior Colleges and even Professional Scouts. The showcases are well structured and quite frankly run as well or better than the big showcases that will cost you 3 X as much. More importantly you will leave knowing exactly what your son needs to work on to get to the next level. If you want your son to be seen, and to receive high quality feedback, make sure that you sign up for The Complete Showcase.

I believe that the The Complete Showcase is the best value in baseball showcases today. Keep your money in your pocket and sign up for one!

—Gregory Brown,
Father of Elijah Brown:
2011 Graduate of Cedar Hill High School
2011 Freshman Seward County Community College, Liberal Kansas (#6 D-1 Juco, 2011)

Thank you for setting expectations and delivering exactly what you said, it was very informative and professional. One of the coaches provided valuable feedback to my son (Alec) and he is working now to build and improve....I don't think any goal comes to fruition without hard work. — Dina Arriaga

My son attended The Complete Showcase tryouts. The camp was run in a professional manner and was one of the few we attended with so many coaches in attendance. I would recommend it to any Junior or Senior who wants to be seen. — John Rinker

This was our first visit to The Complete Showcase and my son and I were both very impressed. The showcase was very organized, started on time and moved thru the day as planned. It was well attended by other college coaches, who seemed to really pay attention to the athletes. During the sessions the boys knew what to expect, everything was explained as the day progressed.

The parent meeting that Coach Harrington did on recruiting was very informative. Coach Harrington talked in detail about each step of the process, explained each level of play, offered some suggestions and websites to help parents and athletes get prepared and know what to expect.

The evaluation process was exceptional. The coaches discussed their strengths and opportunities and made a judgment on the level each athlete could play at. The time and honest evaluation will help my son to understand where he is at and what he needs to work on. The written evaluation was nice to have to remind them.

I really appreciate the dedication your group shows to the young athletes and to the parents.

— Libye Nuernberg

 We have been to The Complete Showcase multiple times and the reason we continue to go back is we feel that the camps are the best bang for your buck out there.  The Complete Showcase provides a great product and the camp is ran very efficiantly.  There is no question that these camps are ones of the best out there to attend. --
Mario Quntanilla  Sr.


Thank you for inviting me to the camp this past Sunday. It was by far the best camp I have been to. The instant feedback that I received from the coaches in attendance was very helpful. It gave me an insight to what I need to work on to become a better baseball player. Even though it was a long day it was enjoyable and went by rather quickly. I look forward to future camps and having the opportunity to improve. — Chris Grupp, Senior 2012

This is the 3rd camp I have been too and I loved it.  The college coach evaluation is what I liked the most.  My coach informed me of a few things that I need to work on and I will be hard at it until the next camp.  Thanks to Coach Harrington for putting on these camps. -- Jacobey Tipton, 2013 Graduate

The Complete Showcase has been the best camp I have been to because the coaches actually show up.  The camp I went to had 39 coaches and I think only 30 were promoted to attend.  I have been to many camps with my dad and usually there are less coaches than promoted.  I have already started to get calls from the camp I attended and the camp was well worth it.  --
Mario Quintanilla Jr., 2011 Graduate

I have received 4 phone calls and 5 emails from college coaches because of The Complete Showcase.  Thank you for helping me get the exposure that I needed.  Tyler Boswell, 2013 Graduate